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    Great Performance 3D Glasses for 2011 LG 3D TVs

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    Product Summary & Review

    The AG-S250 3D Glasses from LG Electronics are designed to work for LG 2011 3D Plasma TVs.  This particular model of digital glasses is one of the best sellers on Amazon at the moment and is rated highly for several different reasons.  They provide great comfort and are very lightweight, and rechargeable batteries means that you will never have the need to order replacement batteries ever again. It’s a simple as plugging your 3D glasses into the USB port of your TV and everything else gets taken care of.

    LG AG-S250 3D Glasses

    Let’s take a look at some of the key features & technical specifications of the LG AG-S250 model:

    • Compatible with the following 3D TVs: PW350/PZ550/PZ750 and PZ950 series (not compatible with TVs from the 2010 line)
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Offers hours of non-stop 3D entertainment experience through the rechargeable batteries
    • Brings your favorite movies and TV to life

    You can forget about going out to the movies to see 3D movies. With these 3D glasses and your brand new TV, you can bring the same exact experience right to your home and avoid the hassle and the extra costs associated with going out. The set-up is very easy and the USB port makes it super easy for charging. According to the customers, the 3D effect these digital glasses provide is amazing and is great for your entire family. The fit is perfect and so far there doesn’t seem to be complains of the common headache which is often associated with wearing such glasses.

    If you’re considering or already own an LG 3D TV, definitely consider these glasses as an option.

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